5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your #IoT Nerd

The holiday season is fast approaching and you’re facing the daunting task of shopping for that Internet of Things Someone in your life. Well don’t fret because we are actually really easy to shop for. If it blinks, plugs into a computer, or just screams nerd we’ll probably love it. But just in case you need a few extra ideas here are some stocking stuffers that are always appreciated.

1. An #IoT Platform

While a little pricey for a stocking stuffer these things are getting so small that they might got lost in all the wrapping paper if you put them under the tree. Here are a few that your nerdy loved one wouldn’t complain about getting.

2. Battery Pack

When powering our IoT projects sometimes it’s annoying to plug it into a computer or find a wall adapter. Since many of the platforms can be powered from a USB port a battery pack that has one built in is a perfect gift. Here are a few suggestions. The higher the mAh the longer the battery will last between charges.

3. Breadboard

You’d think we only need one but once we build a project we never want to take it apart. Mostly because we’re pretty sure it will never work again if we do. That means we’re always in need of “just one more” breadboard.

4. Jumper Wires

There are never enough of these things around and we ALWAYS need them. They make prototyping our crazy ideas much faster and easier.

5. Gift Card

If you’re just not sure what to get or don’t feel comfortable choosing from the options above you can never go wrong with a gift card. A gift card to any of the following sites is sure to bring a ton of holiday cheer.

What else would you love to get for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Ramadan/Festivus? Please let me know in the comments below. Happy Christmahannukwanzadan!