#3 - Breadboards

Great for Prototypes

So the whole purpose of a breadboard is to allow you to start constructing circuits without solder and without having to use a perfboard or have a board manufactured. It’s for when you’re just messing around with a project. In other words, it’s our best friend in DIY electronics. Breadboards are easy to use once you know a few basic things about them. Below is a graphic that hopefully helps you understand them better.

Breadboard Diagram

Here at µCasts we love Sparkfun. Great supplier of awesome DIY stuff. Their breadboards suck. I purchased a few mini ones and the pin holes are EXTREMELY tight. To the point where I had to use an unfolded paper clip to “pretreat” all of the holes before regular 22AWG wire would insert nicely. The reviews on the bigger breadboards are not great either. I’ve been very happy with my Radio Shack breadboards and can definitely recommend those. If you’ve got a favorite breadboard manufacturer, let us know down in the comments.

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