#16 - Pi + Express + Bootstrap + Angular FTW!

[UPDATE]: I’ve had requests to post the finished code on Github for those that want to just play with the completed app. It’s now available at https://github.com/sidwarkd/pimonitor.

About a month ago I came across the CommandPi iOS app. It looked interesting so I paid the 99 cents and downloaded it to my iPad. The problem was, it didn’t work. I would provide my SSH credentials and after logging in the program would crash. So like any curious developer, instead of waiting for a fix I set out to write my own.

To be fair to the creator of CommandPi, what you are about to see is not meant to take anything away from that app. The app creator has put together a very nice UI and the crashing issue has been fixed. I just wanted to see how easy or hard it would be to create a knock off using ExpressJS, Angular and Bootstrap.

In µCast #14 and µCast #15 we created the plumbing necessary to grab most of the information necessary to create our app. We also expose the temperature reading given by the Pi. This episode was shot in a single take (with light editing for time) showing how to pull various technologies together to create a web application for monitoring our Raspberry Pi.

This is the pinode_stats.gist used in the video.

What You'll Need

  • Raspberry Pi1

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